Sunday, June 20, 2004

I am obsessed at the moment with the idea of knitting a side button sweater. You know, a raglan sweater with buttons up one side seam. I can even imagine it being in a girly pastel colour. Why did freshbakedgoods not put a pattern for that sweater in Stitch n Bitch. I don't really want a cardigan. I want sexy up the shoulder buttons.

My mother says she will buy me wool for my birthday. This puts me under a lot of pressure to find the perfect project with the perfect wool. I am about to hit the online wool stores. This can only end in complete fibre obsession.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

I borrowed the marvelous Stitch n' Bitch from the library a couple of weeks back, and am now addicted to making devil and kitty hats. I'm using New Zealand Aran Merino, and it knits up just beautifully. It is the first time I have actually chosen a wool and needles with the gauge I am supposed to use, and I am beginning to understand what a difference it makes. It is so nice not having to worry about size, you can just focus on the knitting and be confident that it will fit at the end.

Here is my first Stitch n. Bitch finished object, completed for a friend over the first weekend in June.

I am still making Turkish socks. Here is the pair I made for my mother for Mothers Day.

And the pair I am making for myself... my easy watching tv or waiting around project, because I only tend to knit ten rows at a time.