Thursday, February 21, 2008

If only I had a network of cunning, nimble fingered midwest knitters to churn out beauties like these.

Friday, February 08, 2008

I am a fairly obsessive knitter. I knit at great speed for long spurts and then put down my needles and don't knit for months.

Because of this, I don't often reach the holy grail of knitting, the finished object (FO).

Apparently there are different types of knitters:

Those who knit to learn choose a new project just for the techniques they they will learn, and their finished objects often feature a dizzying array of different stitches/cables/techniques.

Those who knit because they covet will choose a new project simply because they want the finished object. They desire the garment that they see in a magazine or another knitters blog and set out to create their own, and they want it NOW. Unfortunately this motivation sometimes wains, especially in the face of a new technique that is difficult to learn.

I am definitely in the second category and the list of garments I have never knitted because I wanted them finished then and there and was discouraged by the difficult technique that I needed to learn is long.

But the infamous Clapotis I mastered, finished and it is probably my most loved item of clothing. Socks and scarves are about my limit (until I get over my fear of new techniques. When they day comes and I master the Italian Tubular Cast On Eunny Jang's knitting patterns are mine!).

(Disclaimer - this whole post is ironic in the extreme, considering that I taught myself to knit from a book about knitting turkish socks, from the tow up, using five needles - the most unconventional start to knitting I can imagine).