Saturday, April 23, 2005

I stewed about knitting a Delphine inspired item for a while, and became obsessed with travelling cables, but have now decided to put that little gem aside, to come back to when I know a little more about sweater design. It's a bit too much of a daunting project at the moment.

Still, my new love of cables had me knitting a Shedir. I almost made it to the decreases and ran out of yarn, but my love for this cable pattern, and my new obsession with cotton had me knitting a whole jersey in the Shedir cable before I knew it.

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It is quite unlike anything I have ever knitted before. I am using denim cotton, and am unsure how the cable pattern will wear. Will the colour leach away from the raised cable stitches first or will the whole thing wear evenly? I am hoping for a nice deconstructed celtic look. The cables look absolutely beautiful in early morning or late afternoon sunshine, but tend to receed at some other times, so I am still unsure of the impact that the finished jersey will have, but I think the columns of cables will stand out pretty well.

I am knitting it on a circular and am up to the armpits. I have put it aside while I think about the sleeves and decreases. I am thinking raglan, with a scoop neck, but need to decide if I want to incorporate a new cable pattern or just continue with my very-straight,-getting-kind-of-boring-columns.

In the meantime I am knitting this.

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Interlocking Balloons from the Interweave Scarf book, which fell through my hands at work. One of the great things about working in a library is you get to put your hands on all the nice shiny new books before anyone else does.

The scarf is being knit in two balls of Felted Tweed in Herb that my sister brought over with her from New Zealand. The photo does not capture the eautiful tweedy blue black and white flecks nearly well enough, or the beautiful drape of the knitted fabric. To me it is not 'interlocking ballons', it is all post-William Morris reeds and chinese lanterns.

The scarf is supposed to be 10 pattern repeats, but these two balls will only yield me 8. I need to acquire myself one more ball.

Still stewing about the Delphine thing a little, she has a new autumn/winter 2005-2006 collection out, which has seriously turned my head. I know I can't stay away from this idea for long.