Monday, September 19, 2005

Have knit a pair of Cascading Leaves socks that are too large for me but very comfortable. I will knit another pair with 2.50 mm needles. Have knit the front and back of Jo Sharp's Nina, but am having issues with the pattern. Do not trust the "knit six rows less than front' instruction. The pattern leaves me with not enough room under the arms. Will knit sleeves and see how much wool I have left over for tinkering.

I am in love with the new knitty. My sister has knit the teddy bear already. Bought 10 balls of teal acrylic/wool blend tape yarn from Lincraft for a few pennies. Have never knitted with anything like it before, and am looking forward to trying it, even though things like that aren't normally my style.

I am obsessed with reading Booker Prize winners at the moment and then knitting literature-inspired garments. Bought a cotton top on the weekend that reminds me of Hana from Michael Ondatje's English Patient, and now need a suitably draping kidsilk haze cardigan to go with it.