Saturday, December 03, 2005

Glenn Murcutt is speaking to Kim Hill on Radio National tomorrow. My parents just got back from the Catlins. Mum sent me macro photos of cats eyes on the beach and asparagus ferns. Why am I not in New Zealand right now?

Because I cannot buy Anny Blatt Fine Kid in New Zealand. It just goes on forever and ever. One ball is like some constant gossamer minatour thread. Mine is in coral and is going to be a scarf based on the lace pattern used in the Folk Shawls Kimono Shawl. It feels very art nouveau (again). It is long enough now that when I held it up on the train to admire... somewhere between Auburn and Parramatta, I couldn't without it touching the ground. It is going to be my skinny wet summer weather scarf.

And haven't we had a lot of that!