Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I can't stand it. I HAVE to attempt to knit this jersey.

I have never been so obsessed with a garment in my life. The fact that I have only ever knit anything with cables twice before in my life, and have never made a raglan before, let alone anything this 'deconstructed' is not going to stop me.

I have a schematic worked out, and am playing around with wool at the moment.

I am in love.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Things I have knit since my last post two months ago.

One and a half duck bootees from '50 baby bootees to knit'.

One grass green and navy glove with a Dalsborg pattern around the hand. This was hard fair isle to do because there are such long carries, even carrying it behind my stitches, I ended up with very loose stitches at the edges of the colour patttern. I am quite pleased with it, because it was my first time knitting a glove, and it came out looking pretty good and fitting nicely. I fudged the thumb, but can re-do it easy enough.

80% of the Zimmerman sweater in Lana Grossa I was talking about in November, just above the armpits I ran out of wool. Actually, I stopped, because I had less than a ball left and wanted to save that for the neck if I decided to salvage the sweater by doing a different coloured yoke.

This sweater is now sitting sadly in the spare room (quickly becoming my fiber room - don't they always?) until I decide what I want to do with the wool, if I decide not to try and rescue the project. Ideas include voodoo wrist warmers, a shrug, a scoop neck vest like the black one Julia Roberts wears in Closer, or something like the torso of this Delphine Wilson jersey, which I simply adore.

One and a half deep red cable socks.

Knitting and talking is something that distracts me mightily. Talking while knitting the second, I managed to start doing cable rounds every three instead of four rounds. Probably no one else can notice that the cables are a little tighter and smaller, but it does make it harder to measure the length of the second sock against the first (I was going to count the number of cables to the heel flap and reproduce, but now will have to go on length. I am one of those knitters who hates measuring thngs with a tape measure. I know, I know, this way lies tears.

Still, I think they will be beautiful socks when finished. I want to wear the first one while I knit the second one. this is only my second attempt at knitting cables, and my first attempt at knitting them as part of a garment, rather than just 'swatching it up'. I now understand why you often do a four stitch cable, two purl stitches, four plain stiches, two purl and repeat. So that you get those nice lines of plain rib alternating with cable. The way I have knitted them (all cable columns), they look a bit bare when the sock is on the foot and the knitting is more stretched out.

Still, I learned a lot.