Saturday, December 11, 2004

I knit this pair of socks with one needle that was two thirds the length of the others, with one broken end. It was the needle I snapped before a job interview on the last pair of socks I knitted.

Today, finishing off the heel of the first sock (in truth, a stitch holder still holds the stitches for the second heel, it will have to wait for reinforcements, ie a trip to my lys tomorrow) the same needle snapped again, one third of the way along. I think it was all the decreasing that did it. Doing the heels on Turkish socks always makes me kind of tense).

Anyway, that is my way of saying that even though I am not entirely happy with these socks, I am proud of the endurance, innovation, can do attitude, pioneering spirit, no. 8 wire? bricolage? I demonstrated knitting these socks.

I'm not too happy with the colour scheme, the colours are too similar and there is very little contrast, but they were the only colours of sock yarn I had available to me. I love the blue heather colour, so I hope that it wasn't a waste.

They will probably grown on me.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

new knitty!

Now I can't EVER go to bed.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

I am sick of these socks, and I still have one and a heel to go. I save my heels till last, because otherwise I am risk of doing them differently. My knitting memory isn't longer than about 5 days. I'm lucky I did the toe increases the same way on the second sock.

I am disturbed to notice that my stitch holder is OPEN, and may have been swimming around in my satchel like that for quite some time. Horror!

Another annoying thing is that I have developed a blister on the index finger of my left hand. These bamboo needles are just too pointy. Bet you didn't know there could be such a thing.

The Lana Grossa sweater is 20cm along, which means that I am almost up to dividing my work for the front and back. I will try and find time to document my first attempt at raglan decreases.

In non knitting news, I got a haircut. Now I can wear knitted hats as they were meant to be worn, without the lump of a pony tail messing with all that symmetry.

From this :

To this :

uber chic.